About Us

Kustomville® was established in Australia in 2010 by owner Adam Thyssen as a company seeking to bring together the best elements of kustom culture and vintage style, together with modern materials and ingenuity. The first product launched under the newly created label was our men’s heavy duty garage jeans, heavy weight denim and a rear cinch were incorporated as a nod to the quality workwear of the 30’s and 40’s.

In 2012 Kustomville® formed a strategic partnership with Miss Rockwell DeVil® which saw the label expand into the US market. Together, they created the popular Miss Rockwell DeVil® by Kustomville® women’s range of high waisted, vintage style, denim. The design features high quality stretch denim, long inseams for cuffing, sweetheart rear pockets and our unique stitch pattern that flatters the female form. The line was further extended to feature matching shorts and Kustom denim jacket. In 2016 we introduced the ladies black denim.

Looking to the future Kustomville® will expand into accessories and events.